Twisted Tales MegaMania ( presents Book 4) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]

Welcome to all connoisseurs of fiction and pulp. has grown leaps and bounds since its small sprouting in August 2008. Now after three successful volumes – three successful publishing years behind us, we are still improving in quality and service. The anthology presented here is unique and worth every cent you shell out to purchase it. This is the very best fiction from Freedom Fiction Journal (FFJ) since its inception in 2008 till end of 2011. The very best on offer – anywhere on publication. It is an extensive and diverse collection of the best short stories that genre fiction has on offer. And we are proud to represent these gems to you in a single unabridged volume for the first time.You will find familiar names here and anyone who is a fan of fiction in its condensed form of a short story will cherish and treasure this small jewel we are offering at such a discounted price. We love sharing these “twisted tales” because they entertain just about every fan of genre fiction. The range and colour of words presented here would move you in many ways. It spans action, adventure, detective, modern, horror, confessional, science fiction, superhero, literary and other pulp variants that has engaged readers since early 20th century till present early 21st century.You are reading this and you have picked it up. So browse through the pages. You are sure to find that you are hooked onto a story immediately. That’s the thrill of FFJ. It grips you and it possesses you from page after page of pure ecstastic joy. The joy of discovering new worlds and characters and situations. It will take you on a journey that thrills your soul, invigorates your mind and sends shivers through your body. The possibilities, the imagination, the concise wordings, it will make you move through the book as if running loose in your favourite toy store.So let’s begin this journey now, introducing 44 short stories and 2 exclusive interviews. As Hemingway said – “Eschew the monumental. Shun the epic. All the guys who can paint great big pictures can paint great small ones.” So our gallery is now open for your pleasure.Best Wishes,Ujjwal DeyEditor for FFJ

De auteur:Ujjwal Dey
Isbn 10:B0073U4PQA
Uitgeverij:Freedom Fiction Journal; First Edition editie
Paperback boek:791
gewicht Twisted Tales MegaMania ( presents Book 4) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]:1617 KB
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