The African Interior Mission (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]

C. William Allen has penned a double drama of the lives of two teenage boys, Obadiah (OB) Dixon and Jeremiah (Jerry) Saye Gompa, who meet at a Christian boarding school in rural Liberia. The tale unfolds to show how friendship transcends the barriers of the country and kwi (city) dichotomy that sometimes polarizes Liberian society. As Allen addresses the familiar themes of rural versus urban values, he spices his work with teenage romance, traditional religion, politics, polygamy, and death. Like his first novel, An Obituary for Hawa Barchue (1983), its meticulous mix of facts and fiction also makes it a roman à clef novel. Great reading for older juveniles and adults.

De auteur:C. William Allen
Isbn 10:B002YX0NFI
Uitgeverij:Africana Homestead Legacy Publishers
Paperback boek:232
gewicht The African Interior Mission (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]:1617 KB
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