Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries (Number 1 in the Defrauding America series.) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie] beoordelingen

Isbn 10: B001LRPXIA

Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries (Number 1 in the Defrauding America series.) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie] beoordelingen het boek quotes


Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries (Number 1 in the Defrauding America series.) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]

Sampling of issues detailed and documented in that book: • Documented history of U.S. aviation disasters starting from the 1950s, by a former federal airline safety inspector-investigator holding the official government responsibility to correct the problems causing or enabling the deadly events to occur. It starts with an insiders explanation of misconduct starting with the world's worst aviation disaster at that time, the United Airlines crash into New York City on December 16, 1960, and the corrupt and criminal acts that enabled the disaster to occur, as discovered, documented, and reported by Stich. • The series of other aviation disasters at United Airlines which were also enabled by the same corrupt and criminal acts that made the New York City disaster possible. • The ripple effects of this culture, from throughout the long series of aviation disaster to the hijackings of 9/11. • The people and group, identified by name, that aided and abetted the continuation of the culture, the corruption, the criminal activities. • The saga of unprecedented and bizarre actions that Stich had to take as he sought to end the continued bloodshed in forewarned and preventable aviation disasters. • Included were his role conducting administrative hearings, similar to adversarial court proceedings, during which he acted similar to an independent prosecutor, and the full force of the FAA being used to cover up for the guilty and the corrupt and criminal activities associated with a series of prior aviation disasters. • The three major airline disasters occurring during the several months of those proceedings, each one enabled by the safety problems and corruption that Stich was proving to exist during the hearings. • The criminal cover-ups by political members of the National Transportation Safety board, that enabled the corrupt activities to continue, which then resulted in further preventable aviation disasters and making NTSB members enablers to great tragedies. • Cover-ups by members of Congress after first admitting to Stich that the charges were serious. • The involvement of so many key people in government in criminal cover-ups, aiding and abetting, and the high death toll, required taking unprecedented actions to prevent the public from learning about these matters, an urgency that increased with every cover-up action and every aviation disaster made possible by this conduct. • The guilty have never been identified or punished, and many are still in positions where they continue the deadly culture. It would be difficult to find evidence more revealing of the culture of corruption and deaths that pervades the so-called land of freedom, liberty, and justice for all!! • Starting with the world's worst air disaster at the time, the United Airlines DC-8 crash into New York City (Flight 826), the same deep culture of arrogance and corruption is shown in numerous other brutal air disasters. The continuation of these great tragedies−and cover-ups−includes the easily preventable hijackings of four airliners on 9/11. • Lockerbie and the massive corruption by FBI-DOJ personnel that shifted the blame for 270 deaths from the actual perpetrators to Libya and two Libyans, and the series of catastrophic events enabled to occur by that culture. • The people and groups that played enabling roles that made it easy to hijack four airliners, kill nearly 3,000 people, and set in motion two wars and the growth of the greate

De auteur:Rodney Stich
Isbn 10:B001LRPXIA
Uitgeverij:Silverpeak Publisher; 4 editie
Paperback boek:660
gewicht Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries (Number 1 in the Defrauding America series.) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]:1959 KB
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