The Node of Ranvier (Cellular Neurobiology) [Print Replica] [Kindle-editie]

The Node of Ranvier is a collection of studies about the function, morphology, and development of the node of Ranvier from experts of different disciplines. The book covers topics such as the evolution of the structure and structure and function of the nodes of Ranvier; membrane specialization at the nodes of Ranvier; and catch-binding. Also included in the book are studies about the structural and functional relationships of ion conduction in the myelinated and demyelinated axon; functional organization of potassium channels in axons; the effects of pathological conditions and toxins on nodes of Ranvier; and nodelike membranes at extranodal sites. Physiologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, cell biologists, neurologists, and neuropathologists who would like to find out more and make a study about the node of Ranvier will find the text helpful and relevant.

De auteur:Joy C. Zagoren
Isbn 10:B01D3RGC76
Uitgeverij:Academic Press
Paperback boek:5 pagina's
gewicht The Node of Ranvier (Cellular Neurobiology) [Print Replica] [Kindle-editie]:51443 KB
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