The Media Economy (Media Management and Economics Series) [Kindle-editie]

The Media Economy analyzes the media industries and its activities from macro to micro levels, using concepts and theories to demonstrate the role the media plays in the economy as a whole. Representing a rapidly changing and evolving environment, this text breaks new ground through its analysis from two unique perspectives: 1) Examining the media industries from a holistic perspective by analyzing how the media industries function across different levels of society (global, national, household, and individual); 2) Looking at the key forces (technology, globalization, regulation, and social aspects) constantly evolving and influencing the media industries. Building on the contributions of the original text, this Second Edition provides new references and current data to define and analyze today’s media markets. To understand the role of media in the global economy, the insights included here are crucial for media students and practitioners.

De auteur:Alan B. Albarran
Isbn 10:B01LDD0TOO
Uitgeverij:Routledge; 2 editie
Paperback boek:222 pagina's
gewicht The Media Economy (Media Management and Economics Series) [Kindle-editie]:2180 KB

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