Split Image: A Jesse Stone Mystery (Jesse Stone Series) [Kindle-editie]

There's trouble in Paradise, Massachusetts…Cold-blooded murder. Police chief Jesse Stone is investigating two supposedly retired gangsters. But when one of them is found with a bullet in his skull, it is the wives who seem suspect. Meanwhile, the Markham family enlists Sunny Randall's help in rescuing their eighteen-year-old daughter from a religious cult. Are they just over-protective, or is there something sinister lurking beneath the sugar-free tea and desire to connect to the spirit? Jesse and Sunny are soon to discover that there is a fine line between virtue and vice.

De auteur:Robert B. Parker
Isbn 10:B003F1WM3E
Paperback boek:288
gewicht Split Image: A Jesse Stone Mystery (Jesse Stone Series) [Kindle-editie]:2940 KB

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