Roanoke (The Keepers of the Ring Book 1) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]

The enduring mystery of what happened to the first English colony in the New World . . . In 1587, a group of would-be colonists set sail from England and later landed on Roanoke Island, now part of North Carolina's Outer Banks. Their ship returned to England and the settlers were never heard from again. This is the story, based on legendary and historical information, of what might have happened to them. Jocelyn White, a newlywed married to Thomas Coleman, is reluctant to leave her home in England for the wild shores of the New World. The journey is fraught with danger, but her dependence on God and God's providence carry her safely through. Review "An unforgettable journey . . .[that] will certainly intrigue and encourage!" -- Beverly LaHaye "Powerful stories rich with historical detail and compelling characters." -- --Francine Rivers, novelist

De auteur:Angela Hunt
Isbn 10:B001Q3L4C8
Uitgeverij:HuntHaven Press
Paperback boek:426
gewicht Roanoke (The Keepers of the Ring Book 1) (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]:3623 KB

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