HEAVEN'S MESSAGE: How to Read It Nowadays (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]

This is a ‘Teach Yourself’, as well as a ‘Self-Help’ book. ‘Teach Yourself’ because it presents the astrological background and required for understanding the simple, stepwise production and interpretation of natal charts using a computer. ‘Self Help’ because it describes an impartial method of generating Heaven’s Message for each of us from the combined interpretations of matched epoch and birth charts as illustrated by those for Diana, Princess of Wales, and for Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty- sixth president of the United States. The book closes by suggesting ways of branching out from the natal studies into, for example, predictive relationship and political astrology.

De auteur:Chris Stubbs
Isbn 10:B007QFPZ0W
Paperback boek:190
gewicht HEAVEN'S MESSAGE: How to Read It Nowadays (English Edition) [Kindle-editie]:4927 KB
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