¡Exacto! Second Edition [Kindle-editie]

¡Exacto! is a student-friendly Spanish grammar aimed at intermediate-level learners and idea both for use in the classroom and as an invaluable reference for self-study. Tables and charts allow the learner to navigate easily and to view explanations, examples of usage any exceptions to the rule at one glance. Authentic quotations from Spanish and Latin American media and literature illustrate grammar in context while varied, graded practice exercises with answer keys enable learners to review their progress.The authors, all experienced teachers from the Open University, are adept at conveying complex ideas through clear explanations and examples, and at writing exercises that truly promote and consolidate learning. This makes ¡Exacto! ideal for learners with little knowledge through to advanced level.  

De auteur:Ane Ortega
Isbn 10:B00GXBCE3G
Uitgeverij:Routledge; 2 editie
Paperback boek:284
gewicht ¡Exacto! Second Edition [Kindle-editie]:6524 KB
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